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The Voice Singing School is Townsville’s longest established contemporary singing school, created to meet the needs of the modern singer. Founder Tracey Osmond, whose singing career spans 35 years has combined her professional experience and her studies both here and overseas to create a realistic environment to prepare students for the reality of the music industry.

Our Talented Team

Your First Lesson

Develop Voices Develop Confidence Develop People

Our vision is to produce great singers of all ages who can walk out of their lessons not only as more educated vocalists; but people instilled with a new confidence to take on life
Tracey Osmond

Term Dates

Our term dates are determined by the length of the Queensland public school term.
Term 1
10 weeks
Mon 23 January – Fri 31 March
  • Public Holidays: Wednesday January 26th
Term 2
10 weeks
Monday 17 April – Fri 23 June
  • Public Holidays: Monday April 25th & Monday May 1st
Term 3
10 weeks
Mon 10 July – Fri 15 September
  • Public Holidays: None
Term 4
10 weeks
Monday 4 October – Fri 8 December
  • Public Holidays: None

The Voice Singing School Mid-Year Concert

Join us Sunday, June 23rd for The Voice Singing School's Mid-Year Concert!
  • Where: The Bohle Barn

  • When: June 23rd 2024

  • Doors Open: 5:00 PM

  • Start Time: 6:00 PM

What Our Student Say

Graeme R Dean

31 December 2021
Five Stars
Good Afternoon All Even Though I Have Only Just Joined Your Awesome Family I Am Just Looking forward to the school helping me Unlock & Understand The True Potential & Range Of My Voice So Cheers & ...

Kylie Corbett

31 December 2021
Five Stars
Our daughter really loves her lessons at The Voice as she is always met with such great energy and enthusiasm from her teacher Miss Jaye. You can tell Jaye genuinely loves teaching the kids and it ...

Rayarna Richey

28 September 2021
Five Stars
Hi Maddi, such a great showcase of young singers and talent. I can’t tell you how much seeing my daughter be part of a group - singing, talking, socialising meant so much to me so I can only imagin...

Carolyn Seri

20 September 2021
Five Stars
It has been such an incredible journey as a mother to watch my daughters become more confident and skilled by attending weekly lessons, showcases, and concerts. They have a strong village surround...

Carmel Dickinson

10 September 2021
Five Stars
My daughter started at the Voice Singing School as a member of a girl band at the age of 10. Eight years later she has continued as a soloist and played guitar. As a student she has had the pleasur...

Kylie Corbett

02 September 2021
Five Stars
Our daughter really loves her lessons at The Voice as she is always met with such great energy and enthusiasm from her teacher Miss Jaye. You can tell Jaye genuinely loves teaching the kids and it ...

Rowen Llewellyn

06 October 2015
Five Stars
I have been at the school for almost 6 years now, and my voice has improved drastically. I've been singing since I was a little girl & I am now 16 and it helps me embrace my dreams. Finally, people...

Jake Wilson

06 February 2015
Five Stars
My sister Sophie Wilson she is loving the lessons she is getting better and better thanks to Kate and credits to all the other teachers thank you.

Steve Maguire

08 October 2014
Five Stars
Joining The Voice Singing School is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I have been a pupil of The Voice Singing School for nearly 12 months now and my only regret is that I haven't...

Taylor Fitzgibbon

12 August 2014
Five Stars
There are so many things I love about The Voice Singing School. The teachers are all talented and know how to work with my voice and challenge me. The performances are in a relaxed environment and ...

Shayleigh Sutton

05 June 2014
Five Stars
The Voice Singing School has helped my confidence and my voice and has helped me make friends and Lyllie is fabulously awesome.

Paige Lawrence

20 May 2014
Five Stars
I love coming to The Voice Singing School because I have made friends and Miss Lyllie is the best teacher out.

Kaeley Allen

24 March 2014
Five Stars
The Voice Singing School is awesome because everybody is so supportive of the students and it’s a lovely environment to be in. They also do concerts which build up our confidence and give us a chan...

Lily Cooke

18 March 2014
Five Stars
I love singing with my group. Learning with them makes me feel good.

Kellie Fraser

17 March 2014
Five Stars
Before joining The Voice Singing School, I didn’t have the courage to sing in front of anyone. The Voice Singing School is just like a family and has many great people involved. My teacher Lyllie i...

Monnae Gedoun

04 February 2014
Five Stars
I love making new friends and singing at The Voice Singing School.

Jasmin Pohlman

21 January 2014
Five Stars
The Voice Singing School, to me, is more than just a singing school. It’s a place where I feel accepted. It's somewhere where I can learn to cultivate my talents with the help of the lovely ladies ...

Jaymee Bryant

24 December 2013
Five Stars
I like doing singing lessons at The Voice because I have made new friends and I am so excited about the big concerts we do.

Fabiana Grace Gedoun

10 June 2013
Five Stars
I love coming to The Voice Singing School, because all the teachers are very nice and friendly and I have made a lot of friends. Before I started singing I was not a good singer at all, but I have ...

Erica El-Khouri

13 December 2012
Five Stars
I have met 3 beautiful friends and we have fun playing games. My singing teacher is very nice and I get to sing my favourite songs.