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Upcoming Events

You can view all concert and TVSS special events on out Google Calendar.

Performance Opportunities

We offer many great performance opportunities throughout the year that you can be a part of! All of our events are family friendly and are open to students of all ages. We also understand that some students only want to sing for their own enjoyment, and don’t wish to perform in public, and that’s fine by us!!!

Holiday Programs

Here at The Voice Singing School, we are always creating new and exciting opportunities for our students. Our Holiday Programs offer opportunities such as performing in a group, recording a CD, writing a song, marketability and performance techniques.

Previous Event Highlight

  • Your Next Level 2016

    "Your Next Level" Vocal and Performance Development Weekend with American Idol Vocal Coach, Adriana McPhee

    The 'Your Next Level' weekend was a first of its kind, 3 day workshop focusing on topics such as ‘maintaining a healthy voice’, ‘building confidence’, ‘managing performance anxiety’ and ‘nailing your audition’. The weekend featured a Friday night Masterclass Seminar, Small Group Workshops and Private Lessons with the renowned American Idol Vocal Coach.

  • Your Next Level 2016 - Video Highlights
  • Your Next Level 2016 - Poster
  • Your Next Level 2016 - The Voice Family
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