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  • Jesse Corbett

Jesse Corbett

After growing up close family friends with Tracey and The Voice family, Jesse’s passion for music started at a young age, and took flight when he began learning percussion and drums in year 5. This lead to 8 years of performing and competing in multiple concert and jazz bands, and achieving Dux in Music at school.

While drums was fun, Jesse decided it was time for more and began learning guitar, which branched into teaching himself ukulele, bass, piano, and even a tune or two on the harmonica!

After graduation, he began to study medicine at JCU, however decided to change directions to pursue his passions of music and teaching. Joining The Voice during his gap year as the resident guitar teacher, Jesse decided to return to university and is currently studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education.

Working with students of many ages and ability levels, Jesse loves teaching guitar here at The Voice and firmly believes that learning an instrument will always brighten your life.

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